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Welcome to St. Joseph School's Athletic Registration Site!

The St. Joseph School Athletic Program includes:

Football, Girls & Boys Volleyball, Cross County, Basketball, and Track

St. Joseph School has a no-cut policy so that all interested students can participate. The mission of the St. Joseph School Athletic Program is to promote our students' physical, social, and spiritual growth in a Catholic environment. The goal of this program includes the development of our athletes' skills, in addition to the promotion of self-confidence and reliance with an emphasis on teamwork.

St. Joseph School athletes, coaches, and parents are expected at all times to promote Catholic ideals and good sportsmanship.

Academic Standards for Sports Participation:

1. Required to maintain a C- avg per class (77%)

2. Grades will be checked 2 weeks into the quarter and then every week after.

3. If a student has a grade lower than a C- in a class they will have a 1 week period to make up work/retake assignment. Students may practice/play games at this time.

4. Grades will be checked the following Monday. If the grade continues to be lower than C-, student(s) will be put on academic probation for 1 week or until the required C- avg is achieved. Student(s) will not be able to practice/participate in any game with the team during time.

5. Any student with an IEP, a 504, a Documented Service Plan, or any other established learning difficulty will be evaluated on a case by case

For more information, visit the St. Joseph School website at

Joe Reilly

Athletic Director

Lauren Mihalik

Sports Registration Coordinator